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Calibration of measurment is the set of oprations perform under specific condition to ensure that an instrument being calibrated is in a state of compliance with its technical specifications. Calibration gives an assurance that an instruments  is in a state of compliance with the requirments for its intended use in specific process application. if the measured data is not relible, decision taken based on the same connot be relible

Atri Industries  NABL accredited Lab, Calibration services are designed to ensure realible, precise and traceable measurement results as per the international protocol & the applicable specific criteria documents.

In-lab Testing:

Atri Industries boosts of a sophisticated NABL accredited lab, with a dedicated quality assurance department, customer service cell and data processing zone. Trained team of processional carry out the in-lab Calibration with minimum turnaround time.


Atri Industriesalso offers on site calibration and in-process calibration services at your location, with proven industry-leading quality standerds. Trained engineers will execute the job as per the standerd with accurancy and consistency.

Pressure Gauge
PH Meter
Mechanical Instruments
Vernier Caliper
Conductivity Meter
Weight Box

Pressure - Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge, Magnehelic Gauge, Inclined Manometer, Compound Gauge, Pressure Chart Recorders, etc.


Vacuum - Vacuum Transmitter, Vacuum Switch, Vacuum Gauge, Vacuum Chart Recorder etc.

Dimension - Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Depth Gauge, Thickness Gauge, Scale, Measuring Tape, Steel Rules and Height Gauges etc.


Air Velocity - Hot Wire Anemometer, Vane Type Anemometer •


Level meter - Digital Level Indicator, Analog Level Indicator etc.


Flow meter - Flow Meter


Time - Timer & Stop watch

Speed - RPM Indicator, RPM Meter, Tachometer etc.

PH - pH meters, pH sensors


Conductivity - Conductivity Meters, Conductivity Sensors •


Sound - Sound Level Meter.


Weight - E2, M1, M2, F1 & F2 Class Weight Box

Mechanical Instruments
Temperature Sensor
Glass Thermometer

Temperature - Temperature Gauges, Temperature Sensors, Temperature Transmitters, Temperature, Switches, Temperature Chart Recorders, Temperature Data Loggers or Scanners with Sensors, Glass Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Max & Min Thermometers, Wet & Dry Hygrometers & Sling Psychrometers etc.


Relative Humidity - Relative Humidity transmitter, Relative Humidity switch, Relative Humidity gauge, Relative Humidity sensor, Relative Humidity indicator & Data Loggers etc. Temperature & Relative


Humidity - Temperature & RH Transmitters, Digital Thermo hygrometers, Analog Thermo hygrometers, Analog Thermohygro clocks, Temperature & RH Scanners & Data Loggers etc. 

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