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Research Laboratory Equipment’s

Laboratories require a variety of equipment and instrumentation to run tests and research. General-use laboratory equipment for sample mixing, temperature control, and separation: ovens, wet and dry heating baths, rockers and vortexes, and mini- and micro centrifuges etc. Range of General Lab Equipment.

Molecular Biology

Our desire to better understand the researcher’s needs while acquiring new knowledge about the changing dynamic of the life science marketplace has allowed our business to include a comprehensive line of Molecular Biology Products. A complete portfolio of essential equipment’s for Molecular biology.

Cell Biology

Cell Biology is a large field that aims to understand the roles and mechanisms of fundamental cellular processes as well as their implications in disease and development. We offer a broad range of cell analysis research equipment’s.


Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a highly sensitive method that allows the localization of antigen within a cell or a tissue with high resolution. We offer a broad range of histology products for immunohistochemistry (IHC) to improve quality, flexibility and workflow in the lab.

Particle Characterization

Particle Counters, Particle Size Analysis, Cell Counter


We offer Innovative analytical instruments assist scientists in reaching their scientific goals, increase productivity, and earn higher return on their investments in research, development and quality control.

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