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Protein stains are often caused by animal products or secretions, which means they’re found in a very wide variety of stains. That may be why proteases that break down protein stains were the first type of enzyme to be added to detergents.

Protease enzymes are essential for many biological processes. They are required for the regulation of various metabolic and cellular processes.

  • They are proteolytic, they help in digestion and catabolism of proteins. They catalyse the hydrolysis of peptide bonds and convert them to amino acids, which is then absorbed and utilised by cells.

  • They are required for the blood coagulation process.

  • Protease enzymes are involved in the cell division, growth, apoptosis and migration.

  • Protein recycling and transport across membranes.

  • They are involved in the activation of precursor proteins and zymogens.

  • Proteases provide immune support and regulate the process of tumour growth, metastasis, inflammation, etc.

  • They may help in wound healing and muscle soreness.

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