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Clean Room Setup

A Cleanroom is a containment area in which efforts are made to adjust the air treatment and filtration systems so that the environment inside the room prevents biological agents from causing contamination outside of the room. 

Pathological laboratories require Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments to be set up, in which we can control the concentration of airborne particles, as well as temperature, humidity and pressure.
Most pathology labs vary between ISO levels, depending on the specific research criteria of your organisation. Total Clean Air are leading builders of high-quality pathology laboratory Cleanrooms.

Our bespoke Cleanrooms create classified environments to protect processes from harmful airborne contamination, thereby reducing failure rates and helping organisations get it right first time. We can manufacture a Cleanroom of a few square metres to hundreds of square meters, which can be installed around existing machinery.
We offer modular Cleanroom solutions to accommodate requirements above and beyond the norm, as well as to meet your facility cleanliness standards. Our modular Cleanroom design means that you can grow your production area as demand increases. They are also less expensive than standard construction and can be installed, modified, and even relocated with minimal expense and downtime.

Why Pathology Laboratories Need Cleanrooms

Many laboratory activities can only take place within a Cleanroom.  These Cleanrooms must meet regulatory requirements and international standards, such as ISO 14644.  This standard specifies the air quality required for different Cleanroom classifications. At Total Clean Air, our Cleanroom designers determine the number of air changes, filters and the finish of the room required to achieve that air quality. Laboratories and cryogenic storage facilities must be compliant to a set of stringent rules and working conditions, which are only attainable in a Cleanroom.
Our team of professionals at Total Clean Air can help you achieve compliance cost-effectively and can prevent costly re-work on areas that turn out to be non-compliant when designed by inexperienced architects and builders. Different corporations and non-profit or academic institutions require Cleanrooms designed specifically for laboratory or research facilities to avoid contaminations. Total Clean Air offers an integrated wall, floor and ceiling surface solution, perfectly suited to your needs.
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